Sage Catheter Pack #8 Sterile

  • Sage Catheter Pack Ops #8 Sterile
  • Sage Catheter Pack Ops #8 Sterile
$16.88 - $1,203.05


Sage Catheter Pack #8

Sage Catheter Pack #8 comes with Purifil™ Prefilled Water Syringe 10mL and is a complete one step pack with a standardisation of procedure requirements that is convenient, easy to use and has aseptic design. The tray has a puncture resistant design with no pinholes.

Product features

  • 1x  Paper Towel 2 ply 40 x 38cm
  • 1x  Drape 60 x 60cm - 10 x 6cm Fenestration
  • 1x  Pair of Nitrile Gloves Large
  • 1x  Purifil ™Prefilled Water Syringe 10mL
  • 1x  Sodium Chloride Ampoule 30mL
  • 1x  Lubricating Jelly 3g sachet
  • 6x  Gauze Swabs 10 x 10cm 8 ply
  • 1x  Long Dressing Tray
  • 1x  White sterile field 60 x 60cm
  • 5x  Cotton Balls
  • 3x  Green Forceps 11cm standard
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