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Cook Medical Drainage Connection Tube (CTU14.0-30-ST) - Case of 1



Used to provide connection to a drainage bag

The Cook Medical Drainage Connection Tube (CTU14.0-30-ST) is a reliable and essential medical device designed to establish a secure and efficient connection between a drainage bag and various medical drainage systems. This convenient product comes in a case of one, ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-equipped to provide their patients with optimal care and comfort.

Crafted with precision, this drainage connection tube boasts a length of 30 centimeters and a diameter of 14.0 millimeters. Its size is carefully calibrated to offer a perfect fit and seamless compatibility with most drainage bags available in the market. The tube is expertly designed to ensure a smooth and unobstructed flow of bodily fluids, minimizing the risk of blockages and facilitating an effective drainage process.

The Cook Medical Drainage Connection Tube guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. It is manufactured using high-quality materials that meet the industry's stringent safety standards. The tube's construction ensures utmost hygiene and infection control, promoting a sterile environment for the patient. Its sterile packaging further guarantees the product's cleanliness, making it suitable for immediate use in medical settings.

This drainage connection tube prioritizes patient comfort and convenience. Its flexible yet durable composition allows for maneuverability, facilitating easy movement and positioning of the drainage bag. The tube's user-friendly design promotes easy attachment/detachment, saving valuable time and easing workflow for healthcare professionals.

The Cook Medical Drainage Connection Tube is a versatile and indispensable tool, suitable for a wide range of medical settings including hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare. It serves as a vital link between the patient and the drainage bag, ensuring effective collection and management of bodily fluids. Healthcare professionals, such as nurses and doctors, can confidently rely on this dependable product to provide their patients with optimized care while maintaining their comfort.

Invest in the Cook Medical Drainage Connection Tube (CTU14.0-30-ST) today and experience the peace of mind that comes with using a premium-quality medical device designed to deliver reliable and efficient drainage connections.
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