BSN Comprinet Pro Ant/Emb Stocking Size 2 Medium Knee High - Each

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COMPRINET PRO ANT/EMB STOCKING 2/MEDIUM KNEE HIGH Comprinet pro Anti-Embolic Stockings are intended for use during surgical procedures and on patients confined to bed, as a prophylaxis to prevent the formation of blood clots. They are available in knee high, thigh high and waist high (chaps) and provide 18 mmHg of graduated compression.
The Comprinet Pro Ant/Emb Stocking Size 2 Medium Knee High is a must-have product for individuals undergoing surgical procedures or those who are confined to bed. Designed as a preventative measure against the formation of blood clots, these stockings offer essential support and compression.

With its advanced construction, the Comprinet Pro Stockings are your reliable partner in maintaining your blood circulation at its best. These stockings come in knee high, thigh high, and waist high versions, offering a range of options for your specific needs. The knee high variant is perfect for those looking for targeted compression in the lower leg area.

Featuring 18 mmHg of graduated compression, these stockings ensure optimal pressure distribution along the leg. This graduated compression design works by applying the greatest pressure at the bottom of the leg and gradually decreasing it as it moves up, aiding in proper blood flow and reducing the risk of clots.

Designed for comfort, these stockings are made from a high-quality blend of materials that provides a snug and supportive fit. The soft, breathable fabric allows for maximum airflow, keeping your legs dry and comfortable throughout the day, even during extended wear.

The Comprinet Pro Ant/Emb Stocking 2 Medium Knee High is available in size 2 Medium, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of individuals. The adjustable top band makes it easy to customize the stockings to your desired level of tightness, while the reinforced heel and toe add durability for long-lasting use.

Whether you're recovering from surgery or bound to your bed, the Comprinet Pro Ant/Emb Stocking 2 Medium Knee High is your ideal solution for preventing blood clots. Give your legs the support and protection they need with these high-quality stockings. Invest in your well-being and choose the trusted option that healthcare professionals rely on - choose Comprinet Pro.
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