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BSN Handyband Bandage Conforming Gauze Bandage 15Cmx1.5Mtr - Box of 12



HANDYBAND BANDAGE CONFORMING GAUZE BANDAGE 15cmx1.5mtr Handyband Conforming is a light, soft, white elastic bandage for dressing retention on high-body-movement areas such as joints. Ideal for active patients, Handyband Conforming is cool and low-bulk. It is highly durable and washable, so it can be re-used, even after prolonged use.
The BSN Handyband Bandage Conforming Gauze Bandage is the perfect solution for dressing retention on high-body-movement areas. Measuring 15cmx1.5mtr, this bandage provides a secure and comfortable fit to joints and other active areas.

Designed with the active patient in mind, the Handyband Conforming is made from a light and soft elastic material that allows for easy movement and breathability. You can say goodbye to the discomfort and restriction that often comes with traditional bandages. Whether you are playing sports, going for a run, or simply going about your daily activities, this bandage will stay in place and provide the support you need.

Not only is the Handyband Conforming highly durable, but it is also washable, making it perfect for long-term use. You can reuse this bandage even after prolonged wear, saving you money and reducing waste. The convenience and practicality of this product make it a must-have in any household or medical facility.

The white color of the bandage adds a touch of cleanliness and professionalism. It is also discreet, allowing you to wear it confidently and inconspicuously under your clothing. The low-bulk design ensures that the bandage remains inconspicuous and comfortable, even for extended periods.

Each box contains 12 bandages, ensuring that you have an ample supply for various occasions. Whether you need it for a sports injury, post-surgery recovery, or general dressing retention, this box will have you covered.

Invest in the BSN Handyband Bandage Conforming Gauze Bandage and experience the comfort and support it provides. With its reliable grip, durability, and washable feature, this bandage is a game-changer in the world of dressing retention. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and restrictive bandages and hello to freedom of movement and peace of mind.
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