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  • BSN Hypafix Adhesive Retention Tape
  • BSN Hypafix Adhesive Retention Tape
  • BSN Hypafix Adhesive Retention Tape
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BSN Medical Hypafix Dressing Retention Sheet, , offers greater stretch and conform-ability with a non-irritating self-adhesive. It protects as a secondary dressing and so much more. Hypafix Dressing Retention Sheets come in a variety of widths to be cut to the length needed. Hypafix provides freedom of movement allowing for comfort and versatility of use with a wound dressing. The sheet is wider widths accommodate larger wound sizes from burns, dermabrasion treatment areas, covering sacral pressure sores and retaining post-operative wound dressings, gauze, and absorbent pads. The Hypafix tape is also commonly used to secure post-operative catheters, tubes and drainage lines. Hypafix flexible construction is very helpful in protecting insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems for individuals with diabetes. The retention dressing is ideal for covering hard-to-reach areas. This retention tape provides complete coverage and allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement. These traits make Hypafix Sheets valuable to athletes nursing a wound or covering up blisters.

The Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape is water resistant with a hypoallergenic adhesive that acts as an excellent secondary retention of gauze, foam, and gel, doubling the amount of protection to the wound. This keeps out bacteria and other harmful microbes. The materials are permeable and therefore offer a moist wound environment that's ideal for quicker wound healing. The retention dressing permeability allows athletes to comfortably wear Hypafix Tape and ensures that perspiration won't cause irritation and compromise the adhesive. Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape is water resistant and holds well in the shower.

Hypafix is radio-transparent and therefore the retention dressing can remain on skin surface for x-rays or radiotherapy and have no disruption to the healing of the wound.

Hypafix is great to keep on hand in emergency preparedness kits, when camping or participating in outdoor activities.

Taping Instructions

Affixing Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape is very easy. First, start with clean and dry skin. Select the amount needed and cut the retention dressing with scissors using the grid-lines guideline on the backside. Hypafix has a release paper section for easier removal of the backing. The retention dressing is reusable and will allow the user to pull the adhesive up and re-affix and therefore less likely to curl when pulled on and off. The adhesive side of the retention dressing sticks securely but can be easily removed without major pain or discomfort.

Features and Benefits

Wide Range of Width Sizes
Easy to Use Self-Adhesive with Release Paper Backing
Easy to Remove with Backing's Split Liner
Gridlines for Cutting
Combines Security with Comfort
Conforms with the Contour of Body
Provides Fixation for Catheters and Drainage Tubes
Sheet Stretches
Water Resistant
Non-Irritating Adhesive
Acts as a Secondary Gauze
Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Dressing Flexibility: Allows Joints to Move Freely
Promotes Healing with Moist Wound Environment
Secondary Gauze: Doubles Amount of Protection

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: BSN Medical
Sub Brand: Hypafix
Width: Range of 2, 4, 6 Inches (5cm, 10cm, 15cm)
Length: Ranges from 2, 10 Yards (2m, 10m)
Material: Non-Woven Polyester with Hypoallergenic Acrylic Adhesive
Applications: Retention Bandage

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