Coloplast Alterna Urostomy 1 Piece Multi Chamber Flat, Midi 370ml, Cut to Fit 10-55mm - All Types



14212 Transparent
14211 White

The Coloplast Alterna Urostomy 1 Piece Multi Chamber Flat is a convenient and reliable solution for individuals with urostomy needs. This product is designed to provide comfort, security, and excellent performance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality urostomy system.

With its multi-chamber design, this urostomy 1 piece provides reliable separation of urine and stool, ensuring enhanced hygiene and minimizing the risk of skin irritation. The flat shape of the product offers a discreet and comfortable fit, allowing users to go about their daily activities with confidence and ease.

The Alterna Urostomy 1 Piece features a generous 370ml capacity, allowing for optimal storage of urine. This ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted activities without worrying about frequent emptying. The expansive capacity of this system makes it especially suitable for individuals with high urine output.

This product comes in two stylish and versatile options - Transparent and White. The Transparent option allows for easy monitoring of urine, making it easier to manage and maintain the urostomy system. On the other hand, the White option offers a more discreet and subtle appearance, ensuring ultimate discretion for those who prefer a more conservative look.

What sets the Coloplast Alterna Urostomy 1 Piece apart from other urostomy products is its cut-to-fit feature. With a range of 10-55mm, this system can be tailored to fit various stoma sizes, accommodating individual anatomical needs. This customizable feature ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing leaks and enhancing overall comfort.

In summary, the Coloplast Alterna Urostomy 1 Piece Multi Chamber Flat is a versatile and reliable choice for individuals with urostomy needs. With its multi-chamber design, generous capacity, and cut-to-fit feature, this product provides an excellent solution for managing urine output. Whether you prefer the Transparent or White option, you can trust that the Coloplast Alterna Urostomy 1 Piece will deliver outstanding performance, comfort, and peace of mind throughout your day.
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