Coloplast Alterna 1 Piece Urostomy Flat Bag Non Return Valve, Cut to Fit 10-55mm - All Types

$165.43 - $206.18


5580 Maxi 465ml Opaque
5585 Maxi 465ml Transparent
5575 Midi 265ml Transparent

The Coloplast Alterna 1 Piece Urostomy Flat Bag Non Return Valve is the ultimate solution for individuals with urostomy needs. Designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience, this product is perfect for people looking for a reliable and efficient urostomy bag.

With its versatile design, the Cut to Fit feature allows users to customize the bag according to their specific needs, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Ranging from 10mm to 55mm, the Cut to Fit feature caters to all types of individuals, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

The Coloplast Alterna Urostomy Flat Bag features a Non Return Valve, which prevents urine from flowing back into the urostomy bag, ensuring maximum hygiene and preventing any potential leaks. This valve guarantees peace of mind, allowing users to go about their day without any worry or discomfort.

The product comes in various sizes to meet individual requirements. The 5580 Maxi variant offers a generous 465ml capacity, providing ample storage for those who require a larger volume. Meanwhile, the 5575 Midi variant offers a more compact 265ml capacity for users with lighter urostomy needs. The 5585 Maxi Transparent variant provides users with the option for discreetness, thanks to its transparent design that allows for easy and discreet monitoring of the bag's contents.

Both the opaque and transparent variants of the Coloplast Alterna 1 Piece Urostomy Bag are designed with durability and discretion in mind. The high-quality materials used in its construction guarantee long-lasting use, while the opaque and transparent options ensure users can choose the level of discretion they desire. No matter their choice, each variant guarantees comfort and reliability throughout the day.

In conclusion, the Coloplast Alterna 1 Piece Urostomy Flat Bag Non Return Valve is a reliable and efficient product designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals with urostomy requirements. Its customizable design, non-return valve, and range of sizes make it a versatile option for anyone seeking a comfortable and secure urostomy bag. Choose the Coloplast Alterna Urostomy Flat Bag today and experience a new level of confidence and convenience.
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