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Single Use Basic Fat Transfer Kit by Imatec Medical (SUBFTK)



Imatec Medical’s Single Use Basic Fat Transfer Kit provides practitioners with a complete set of sterile, single-use items required to perform a small / medium fat transfer procedure. This kit aims to streamline the process, ensuring a safe and efficient procedure from fat harvesting to placement.

  • 1 x Fat Harvesting Cannula 24 Hole 3mm x 15cm with Luer Lock Hub: Designed for gentle and efficient fat harvesting from the donor area.
  • 1 x Fat Injecting Cannula 1 Hole 3mm (11 Gauge) x 15cm with Luer Lock Hub: Offers precise placement of purified fat into the targeted areas.
  • 1 x 2.5mm x 15cm Lamis Infusion Needle: Aids in the smooth transfer of fat.
  • 1 x Cannula 16 Gauge x 90mm with Stylet & 1 x Cannula 14 Gauge x 90mm with Stylet: Provides versatility and control during the fat placement phase.
  • 4 x Luer Lock - Luer Lock Transfer Transparent: Ensures secure and leak-proof transfer of purified fat.
  • 4 x Syringe Soft-Ject 10ML Luer Lock Tip & 2 x Syringe 1ml Luer Lock 3 Part Low Dead Space: Offers accurate measurement and handling of fat, minimising waste during the transfer process, and ensuring precision during both the harvesting and injecting phases.

Imatec Medical’s Single Use Basic Fat Transfer Kit is created with the intention of assisting practitioners in carrying out successful small to medium fat transfer procedures, ensuring each step from harvesting to placement is executed with precision and care.

All kits are Sterile and Single-use and TGA registered.

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